Stringing Magazine Jewelry Contest

Stringing Magazine is having a "Winter's Challenge" jewelry contest.
Submit your design online at:   www.stringingmagazine.com/


Here's the particulars from their Web site:

Stringing Challenge
Challenge yourself by creating a piece using stringing or simple wirework 
techniques based on a title provided by the editors of Stringing. All entries 
will be posted on the Web site, and readers will have a chance to vote on 
their favorites.

Winter Challenge Title:  Fun in the Sun
Deadline: February 4, 2008

To enter, please send a clear, high-resolution TIF (better) or JPEG (good) 
photo of your stringing and/or simple wireworking project that is 300 dpi 
at 3" x 5" to stringing@interweave.com.

RULES: One entry per person (so send us your best work!). Submissions 
must be stringing and/or simple wireworking projects. An e-mail will be sent 
within two weeks after the close of voting for each challenge. Please do not 
contact us asking for news of the winners before then. 


Here is my entry:   Silver & Brass—BFF


Filigree said...

I love the combination of silver and brass! And the green and lavender are just enough color to compliment both metals. Very Nice!

chocolate girl said...

this is beautiful..i love how you mixed colors...silver filigree looks so stunning paired with the antique brass filigree...very beautiful!

nancmac said...

I love the way the colors all compliment each other. Really beautiful. The silver and brass look great together.