Spring Project!

SPRING’s Melody:
Birds, bees, butterflies, and flying creatures of all kinds.  Spring finds them in pairs, soaring in sweet melody.  Beauty truly comes alive in spring with fresh dew dropped flowers and breathtaking colors.  Love soars through the air and the sky is filled with wings of all sizes.  Create a piece designed for spring, inspired from nature's budding colors and using Birds, bees, butterflies, and flying creatures of all kinds.  Work you magic and design a SPRING’s Melody piece that pays homage to these winged creatures.

Spring is will have officially arrived March 20th.  Please post projects between March 1 - 15th so we can have a team post ready for the first day of spring!   Our team post will collage all of the member's projects together to showcase our work as a whole!  Be sure to let everyone  know what materials you used, and how you were inspired to create a SPRING's Melody!

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TheBrassHussy said...

sounds like a lovely idea! I can't wait to see what all of you put together!