Stringing Magazine Jewelry Contest

Stringing Magazine is having a "Winter's Challenge" jewelry contest.
Submit your design online at:   www.stringingmagazine.com/


Here's the particulars from their Web site:

Stringing Challenge
Challenge yourself by creating a piece using stringing or simple wirework 
techniques based on a title provided by the editors of Stringing. All entries 
will be posted on the Web site, and readers will have a chance to vote on 
their favorites.

Winter Challenge Title:  Fun in the Sun
Deadline: February 4, 2008

To enter, please send a clear, high-resolution TIF (better) or JPEG (good) 
photo of your stringing and/or simple wireworking project that is 300 dpi 
at 3" x 5" to stringing@interweave.com.

RULES: One entry per person (so send us your best work!). Submissions 
must be stringing and/or simple wireworking projects. An e-mail will be sent 
within two weeks after the close of voting for each challenge. Please do not 
contact us asking for news of the winners before then. 


Here is my entry:   Silver & Brass—BFF


GO GREEN! Project

Use recycled materials, found objects or even scrap pieces to create eye catching jewelry.  Many people are concerned with the environment's deterioration and are looking for ways to protect the earth’s precious resources.  As designers we know how valuable stones and metals can be to us, and that we gather some of our best inspiration from natures beauty.  This GO GREEN project will not only be beneficial on a personal level, but will be a great way to let others know how team Filigree is doing their part to help reduce waste.  Let’s show everyone that we truly appreciate the amazing beauty that surrounds us by designing a GO GREEN masterpiece. 

Please post projects between April 1 - 15th so we can have a team post ready by Earth Day!(April 22) Our team post will collage all of the member's projects together to showcase our work as a whole! Be sure to let everyone know what materials you used to create your piece! So excited about this project I can't wait!

Spring Project!

SPRING’s Melody:
Birds, bees, butterflies, and flying creatures of all kinds.  Spring finds them in pairs, soaring in sweet melody.  Beauty truly comes alive in spring with fresh dew dropped flowers and breathtaking colors.  Love soars through the air and the sky is filled with wings of all sizes.  Create a piece designed for spring, inspired from nature's budding colors and using Birds, bees, butterflies, and flying creatures of all kinds.  Work you magic and design a SPRING’s Melody piece that pays homage to these winged creatures.

Spring is will have officially arrived March 20th.  Please post projects between March 1 - 15th so we can have a team post ready for the first day of spring!   Our team post will collage all of the member's projects together to showcase our work as a whole!  Be sure to let everyone  know what materials you used, and how you were inspired to create a SPRING's Melody!

"As we work together, we grow together."

Filigree jewelry artists across the globe unite to bring you the highest quality jewelry art using filigree, to promote "creative filigree design" through cooperation... just like the impressionists did to get their way of art out to the world.  Filigree is a jewel work of a delicate kind made with twisted threads usually of gold and silver. Though filigree has become a special branch of jewel work in modern times, it was anciently part of the ordinary work of the jeweler.  Even before the 1800s the French and Italians used wire to wrap into intricate designs known as filigree. Filigree has been used in jewelry making and ornamentation throughout time by the Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, French, Etruscans and many more civilizations and time periods. Our goal is to promote jewelry designers who use filigree in their original works and who display all forms of good character and outstanding business practices. If you are a filigree designer that has outstanding qualities of sharing, encouragement, honest business practices and a sincere desire for this design movement to go forward... then please join us by visiting our Etsy team.