Go Marta!

I logged into Etsy just now and noticed a fellow team-member had made the Etsy home page featured spot! Go Marta!


It's so Zen for me

Brass, filigree, Zen I say? You might wonder why I say this? Well, I really don't know what it is about brass, but I do find something so satisfying working with it. I just can't wait to receive a new shipment of brass findings. I love all the details in the filigree work. The tiny little patterns, the foliage, scrolls; just so much to admire. There's a little bit of mystery too.
I find that to my liking, I have to polish all my brass to a nice bright golden color.

I take my tube on MAAS creme and a soft cloth and polish, polish away, until I get a color that I like. Now, just look at all the details you can see now.

I like the "feel" of the brass after it is polished. It's so soft. Plus you're helping to protect the life of your brass jewelry as well.

Brass jewelry can be an affordable alternative to gold. If you like gold jewelry and don't want to break the bank, consider brass, especially if it's highly polished brass! It shines like gold.
I'm also attracted to the nostalgia look of brass filigree jewelry. I think it's a trend that on the up rise. "Everything old is new again." It takes me back to a time when life was simpler, and times were different. Start your own brass trend today!