More Marketing Tips

I've found that the social networks, while they do work, have only been so-so for me personally. My best marketing has come from advertising specials and giveaways on websites like http://www.indieshopping.com/, http://www.modish.com/ and http://www.indiepublic.com/.

Indieshopping.com and Modish.com both have prize package giveaways each month and if you send in one of your items and they choose it for a giveaway, your name and link is mentioned on their website.

Indiepublic.com has a contests and deals page where you can list your contest or sale for free. It has been a nice tool for me to get visitors.


Marketing Tips

Social Networks - this is one of our best online marketing tools. We presently list images and descriptions of our new work on four different social websites. These sites feature handcrafted art, jewelry and fashion. Our etsy shop views have risen steadily due to the traffic from these networking websites.

Online - we list our business and contact info on many (free) high traffic business listing sites, in addition to maintaining our own www. website.

Biz Cards and Half Page Flyer - we hand them out, tack them up to bulletin boards, leave them everywhere and enclose them with any business communication we send out. From time to time, we insert a discount offer into the flyer.

Fundraiser Donations - this has given us a strong sales return for the materials cost of whatever piece we donate to the cause. We donate to three of our favorite non-profit arts org's throughout the year. These specific fundraisers attract supporters who contact us after the fundraiser to buy from our already mades and/or place custom orders.

Press Kit - we have a mini-press kit, which we send out to a select group of magazine and fashion column editors when we are debuting new collections or smaller sets of new pieces.

Articles - we submit written articles to various publications - online and hardcopy. Some written by us, some written by interviewers.

Private Jewelry Showings - we do special showings for our buyers at the location of their choice. Our private showing hostess receives a piece of jewelry from our collections for setting up a show with her group of guests. This is a great personalized marketing tool. The word of mouth marketing from this is worth it's weight in gold!

Etsy - at this point in our economic times, having a good selection of items priced $35 and under seems to be key to making sales. This is an area of our shop that we're presently working on.


Marketing Tips

I'm still developing my web presence. The best places I have found for marketing are Etsy Treasuries.

Some of the other teams I am create treasuries frequently. If every team member clicks on each item and leaves a comment, you can sometimes get the list to the first page. As long as I have items at a price point of under $25, I do make sales from treasuries.

That's my marketing tip !



Marketing Tips

I am so new I feel silly even posting on this topic. I am still learning from everybody else :-). Anyway, things that seem to work for me are:

* Posting to the Forums.
* Getting a spot on the Jewelry Showcase.

Even though neither of these has actually led to a sale, it does get my shop noticed and will hopefully bring people in - to buy - later.

I look forward to learning from all of you. Thanks for all the great tips that have already been posted.

Gingeroni1's Marketing Tips

I have a few thing's that I do that seem to help market my shop.

1) I do a business card swap with three other Etsy shop's we send each other business card's or some kind of coupon. What I do Is a small 1/2 the size of a business card with either 10% off or free shipping I make sure I have a code on them so I can track them.

2) I add a special thank you card. These are pre printed card's that basically say. Thank you for shopping with me. Please enjoy 10% off your next purchase and I have my shop name on them and address I don't really have to add a code to these because I can track where they are coming from.

Marketing tips...

Helpful sites, courtesy of DRYAN327!











Studio a la Mode's Marketing Tips

Living in a small town, I've found that we are often afforded courtesies not available in metro markets. Some ideas that work here are as follows:

1) The library has a showcase that changes monthly. I am on the list to display my jewelry along with a few of the library's jewelry design books. This will give me exposure to people who might not otherwise know about my jewelry. I have also donated several jewelry design books that I no longer need or want with my information stamped in the front of the book. Many libraries display collections - while you may not be able to "sell" there, showcasing your jewelry could bring you new customers.

2) Learn how to write a press release and know when to send them out. One example would be writing a press release to let people know you have attended some type of artisan or skills training or convention (PMC, lampwork class, attending Bead & Button, etc.) with a picture of you performing the skill. Be sure to explain a little bit about how you got started and some personal information, as well as where your jewelry is available for purchase.

3) Donate pieces for silent auctions and fund raisers. Be sure to send a bunch of business cards to display next to your item so people know you made the piece and they can take your information.

4) Paid newspaper ads are very expensive -- UNLESS you advertise in the classified section. We have a weekly paper and I have had an ad running on a regular basis. It simply says "One-of-a-kind handcrafted jewelry by local jewelry artist. http://www.studioalamode.etsy.com/ or call xxx-xxxx." I have received numerous calls and have picked up some of my best clients for custom work this way. The ads are very inexpensive - like $12.00 a week and they run every two weeks. In fact, I was fortunate to secure a very regular customer who has scheduled an appointment with me every Sunday night for half hour-- and nearly every Sunday night she buys or comissions two or three things. Had I not run the ad, I would not have this customer.



The team Aqua challenge is complete and we have some beautiful pieces to show.
In order starting with the top left are the names of the designers and their jewelry:

Catnip Studio: The Weight of Water
Katofmanycolors: Flying Butterflies and Dragonflies
Studio A La Mode: Twisty Misty Blue Green Bracelet
Secret Jewellz: Neptunes Waters Teal Czech Necklace

Thanks to everyone who posted their designs!


Neptunes Waters Teal Czech Necklace

King Neptunes mythical sea creature riding the ocean seas.

I decided to do something a bit different and i love the teal czech glass beads and daggers.

Antique gold brass sea creature,figaro chain.

Here is a pair of earrings that are made with aqua vintage glass stones called Blue Bay.

And one of my old favorites Through The Window.Hand tooled brass filigree wrapped around a aqua vintage glass stone with brass dragonfly and brass lovebirds.