Marketing Tips

Social Networks - this is one of our best online marketing tools. We presently list images and descriptions of our new work on four different social websites. These sites feature handcrafted art, jewelry and fashion. Our etsy shop views have risen steadily due to the traffic from these networking websites.

Online - we list our business and contact info on many (free) high traffic business listing sites, in addition to maintaining our own www. website.

Biz Cards and Half Page Flyer - we hand them out, tack them up to bulletin boards, leave them everywhere and enclose them with any business communication we send out. From time to time, we insert a discount offer into the flyer.

Fundraiser Donations - this has given us a strong sales return for the materials cost of whatever piece we donate to the cause. We donate to three of our favorite non-profit arts org's throughout the year. These specific fundraisers attract supporters who contact us after the fundraiser to buy from our already mades and/or place custom orders.

Press Kit - we have a mini-press kit, which we send out to a select group of magazine and fashion column editors when we are debuting new collections or smaller sets of new pieces.

Articles - we submit written articles to various publications - online and hardcopy. Some written by us, some written by interviewers.

Private Jewelry Showings - we do special showings for our buyers at the location of their choice. Our private showing hostess receives a piece of jewelry from our collections for setting up a show with her group of guests. This is a great personalized marketing tool. The word of mouth marketing from this is worth it's weight in gold!

Etsy - at this point in our economic times, having a good selection of items priced $35 and under seems to be key to making sales. This is an area of our shop that we're presently working on.


Ameera said...

Thanks so much for all the amazing tips! You wrote about submitting to magazines. I am very keen to do that and was wondering if you could give me a few pointers on how to go about it. Your help will be most appreciated,

Anonymous said...


I'd be glad to share with you what I've learned. I'll contact you via email.

Gale @fatalattraction