Studio a la Mode's Marketing Tips

Living in a small town, I've found that we are often afforded courtesies not available in metro markets. Some ideas that work here are as follows:

1) The library has a showcase that changes monthly. I am on the list to display my jewelry along with a few of the library's jewelry design books. This will give me exposure to people who might not otherwise know about my jewelry. I have also donated several jewelry design books that I no longer need or want with my information stamped in the front of the book. Many libraries display collections - while you may not be able to "sell" there, showcasing your jewelry could bring you new customers.

2) Learn how to write a press release and know when to send them out. One example would be writing a press release to let people know you have attended some type of artisan or skills training or convention (PMC, lampwork class, attending Bead & Button, etc.) with a picture of you performing the skill. Be sure to explain a little bit about how you got started and some personal information, as well as where your jewelry is available for purchase.

3) Donate pieces for silent auctions and fund raisers. Be sure to send a bunch of business cards to display next to your item so people know you made the piece and they can take your information.

4) Paid newspaper ads are very expensive -- UNLESS you advertise in the classified section. We have a weekly paper and I have had an ad running on a regular basis. It simply says "One-of-a-kind handcrafted jewelry by local jewelry artist. http://www.studioalamode.etsy.com/ or call xxx-xxxx." I have received numerous calls and have picked up some of my best clients for custom work this way. The ads are very inexpensive - like $12.00 a week and they run every two weeks. In fact, I was fortunate to secure a very regular customer who has scheduled an appointment with me every Sunday night for half hour-- and nearly every Sunday night she buys or comissions two or three things. Had I not run the ad, I would not have this customer.

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Catnip Studio said...

I, too, live in a very small town. These are great tips, thank you!