GO GREEN! Project

Use recycled materials, found objects or even scrap pieces to create eye catching jewelry.  Many people are concerned with the environment's deterioration and are looking for ways to protect the earth’s precious resources.  As designers we know how valuable stones and metals can be to us, and that we gather some of our best inspiration from natures beauty.  This GO GREEN project will not only be beneficial on a personal level, but will be a great way to let others know how team Filigree is doing their part to help reduce waste.  Let’s show everyone that we truly appreciate the amazing beauty that surrounds us by designing a GO GREEN masterpiece. 

Please post projects between April 1 - 15th so we can have a team post ready by Earth Day!(April 22) Our team post will collage all of the member's projects together to showcase our work as a whole! Be sure to let everyone know what materials you used to create your piece! So excited about this project I can't wait!


Diva with the pliers said...

Sounds really exciting :) hopefully I'll be on time! Emmm, btw, my storename is Eclettica, The Atelier and not eclettics, thanks!


Secret Jewellz said...

I've been thinking about this issue for a while now and have been milling on a design for some time. I am looking forward to this.