Nancy MacArthur: Featured Seller

Browsing through Nancy’s Etsy shop it was very hard for me to decide which pieces I would include for this interview post. Her shop is full of beautiful vintage designs that are all crafted with skill and include a wonderfully subtle but stunning color palette. Her choice of materials, (brass, silver, old watch faces, crystals and pearls, to name a few) are perfectly presented in each piece. Her passion for design that is more than apparent in her jewelry and her shop is a elegant addition to our Filigree team!

Dragonfly on Carnelian:
A vintage color brass dragonfly is wrapped around faceted carnelian that has a bronze colored pearl drop. The chain and brass connector are aged brass.

Victorian Glass Cabochon:
The centerpiece of this necklace is a black, white and gold pressed glass Victorian cabochon. It is vintage uncirculated stock. It is mounted in a brass filigree setting. Six faceted, glass Czech beads and brass filigree connectors add sparkle and glamour to the piece.

Vintage Watch Necklace:
This necklace is part of a series of "Deconstructed" necklaces. Rather than string everything, Nancy has wire wrapped all of the components to a hammered sterling silver base. Three old watch faces are offset by soft pink, green and rose colored pearls, Swarovski crystals, Czech glass beads and some watch parts. She used sterling silver wire to wrap them to the base. There are two sterling silver chains and one brass chain on each side.

Lapis Necklace:
The centerpiece is a beautiful lapis cabachon. It is mounted in a aged brass finding.

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Secret Jewellz said...

I just adore your vintage watch necklace,really unique. Love all your color choice.