Catnip Studio Intro

Many thanks for my warm welcome from team admin, and a special thanks to Secretjewellz for encouraging me to request membership! I have long been in awe of filigree jewelry - I came across VintageWithLove's Etsy shop, and realized I was already her customer on another site. She is a gracious, helpful seller, and I adore her art. But I digress. I am also a mosaic artist, primarily with vintage broken china, and I admire silver soldered broken china jewelry. I decided to combine my love of brass filigree and broken china to make my own unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry. Now, everything smaller than a teacup gets my can-I-wrap-filigree-around-it evaluation! Photos show my newest creations with pre-WWII painted mother of pearl shell pieces from Siam (now Thailand). The earrings were bracelet beads, and the necklace was a brooch encased in a soft metal filigree frame. The paint and lacquer on these very vintage pieces is usually in varying degrees of shabbiness, so I suspect they have a very limited appeal. But I love them!

I look forward to our future endeavors as a team, and I'm excited about our PINK color challenge! I am convo and e-mail friendly, eager to learn and improve, and totally believe in sharing information. Until next time, Kathy


Filigree said...

I love these pieces and the idea of you wrapping anything you can get your hands on! Your shop and unquie designs are a great addition to the team and we look forward ot seeing more!!

Secret Jewellz said...

Love your all your pieces Kathy and all the best.