Help Wanted

I would really appreciate any ideas, suggestions or criticism anyone cares to share with me, regarding my etsy shop. Sales are so disappointing and I have no clue besides the economy what I'm doing wrong. I visit other shops and notice their sales are huge compared to mine. I've joined facebook, twitter, I blog and leave comments on other blogs including etsy and heart other shops. I keep in contact with customers, send a free gift with their nicely wrapped purchase, I must be missing something.
If you can spare the time to visit my shop and give me any advice I be so grateful.
Blessings to all, Marta Weaver Jewelry http://martaweaverjewelry.etsy.com


Filigree said...


A suggestion would be (and I am not sure if you do this already):

Upload a photo everyday. Even if it is just refreshing a photo you already have in the shop, upload it. Etsy browsers who do not have a particular store in mind are more likely to do a search for an item they are looking for. When you upload everyday you are increasing your chance of having an item located on the first few search pages (these search pages are constantly changing) The closer you are to being on the first search page, the better the chance of capturing a browser's attention and having them check out your store. Once they see you store they are bound to fall in love with the designs, it is just a matter of getting them there.


Wear Teresa Jane said...

I think that you should list everyday too. Find a charity and donate to it and list it on your site too. People like to give through buying too.