The Muse

Here's my "FRESH INSPIRATION" piece for the March Challenge. I must say, alot of planning went into this piece. I've had these polymer clay beads around since last year sometime, finally putting them into a jewelry piece!

These interesting polymer clay beads were made by "Random Star" (shop on Etsy). Very pretty, springtime colors! I really like the mint green color of the beads.

I used the waterlily toggle, a couple of different beads caps to accent the beads, and couple of different chains for texture. Mint green freshwater pearls, and a rather large green adventurine donut with the Ornate Wreath filigree to finish the pendant. Enjoy my inspiration!


artworksbycathyj said...

Absolutely Beautiful!

Katofmanycolors said...

Beautiful colors, flowing design!

Sweet Baby Jamie said...

So pretty, I love those green beads, great job!!

Filigree said...

These are almost the exact same colors of our April homepage colors. You will have ot check it out when we refresh the site on April 1st.
I love the necklace and those beads!!