Hawaiian Breeze

I find everything about making jewelry fun. My favorite materials to work with are lampworked glass, natural stones, silver, and Vintaj Natural Brass. I have just started my shop at Etsy and am working to get photographs uploaded there.

When I discovered lampworked beads by Grace, I fell in love with her work and style. I was so excited to see that my next discovery, Vintaj Natural Brass, works so well with these beautiful beads. As a matter of fact, a beautiful lampworked bead begs to be paired with brass filigree and rustic looking chains. The contrast is stunning!

I let each bead talk to me telling me about how it would like to be dressed up. For example Hawaiian Breeze has been begging me to let it go to Hawaii. Who knows perhaps someday it will. The turtle and turquoise crystals are reminiscent of the snorkling cites on many of the Hawaiian beaches.


cindy said...

Welcome Cathy to Team Filigree. You have a unique and creative way with your work. I love the combination of lampwork with brass.

Filigree said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE, those colors!
So glad to have you part of the team!

cathy said...

I am so glad to be part of the team. I can't wait to share more and see more of what everyone else is up to.