Pink Antique Glass Flowers

Dryan327 has incorporated some wonderful vintage glass flowers into these filigree wrapped earrings and has nailed our color challenge head on. Combining pretty pastel pink with a hot magenta creates an amazing contrast and displays how subtle or intense pink can be. Check out her shop for more lovely designs!


Pink Perfection

Ingemnuity adds this wonderful Pink Perfection necklace to our team challenge. Full of beauty and grace and adorned with lovely vintage guilloche enamel rhinestone drop. Vintage milk glass twirls, bells and drops with pink art glass vintage beeds enhance this lovely piece.


Rainbow of Filigree

Picking out a treasury list full of jewels in all colors of the rainbow made my evening last night. I enjoyed seeing all your creations. Please come see what else your Guild members have been working on. http://www.etsy.com/treasury_list.php?room_id=47295 Debbie, the Brass Hussy


Mucha Pink

I've been wanting to somehow put a picture into my filigree designs so I've been experimenting with resin. This is my first experiment. I chose this Mucha print because it has a Spring look to it. Swarovski crystals add pink.

Osagegypsy's Peachs and Dreams

Peachy keen on pink, Marsha from Osagegypsy has created this beautiful necklace for our challenge! Incorporated is a huge peach colored faceted glass focal, wrapped in Vintaj filigree brass. Peach/Pink seed bead strands linked together & light pink pearls thrown in with a parapadscha swarovski crystals hanging from the focal.


Larson Design Studio's Feeling Pink

Coming Home - Filigree Brass and Czech Bird Button Glass Necklace - Katofmanycolors

The focal on this beautiful necklace is a Czech, fired crystal Bird Art Glass button. I just fell in love with it! It was wrapped in filigree and then set in a pronged setting. Then, a lacy border of Swarovski light pink crystal glass beads with an aurora borealis finish was added. This particular button is back after 120 years. The button was made from a 19th century, old mold. It was hand crafted in the Czech Republic and was hand pressed and hand painted using original Czech methods that haven't changed in over two hundred years. It was finished with a filigree repousse clasp.

Pink Challenge - Blush Series from Catnip Studio

Designed with plump, faceted rondelles of cherry quartz, vintage faceted bronze glass, ginger brown peanut chain and elaborate beadcaps. Bracelet also decorated with tigers eye round and oval beads, and milky pink translucent Czech glass druk beads.


Nancy MacArthur: Featured Seller

Browsing through Nancy’s Etsy shop it was very hard for me to decide which pieces I would include for this interview post. Her shop is full of beautiful vintage designs that are all crafted with skill and include a wonderfully subtle but stunning color palette. Her choice of materials, (brass, silver, old watch faces, crystals and pearls, to name a few) are perfectly presented in each piece. Her passion for design that is more than apparent in her jewelry and her shop is a elegant addition to our Filigree team!

Dragonfly on Carnelian:
A vintage color brass dragonfly is wrapped around faceted carnelian that has a bronze colored pearl drop. The chain and brass connector are aged brass.

Victorian Glass Cabochon:
The centerpiece of this necklace is a black, white and gold pressed glass Victorian cabochon. It is vintage uncirculated stock. It is mounted in a brass filigree setting. Six faceted, glass Czech beads and brass filigree connectors add sparkle and glamour to the piece.

Vintage Watch Necklace:
This necklace is part of a series of "Deconstructed" necklaces. Rather than string everything, Nancy has wire wrapped all of the components to a hammered sterling silver base. Three old watch faces are offset by soft pink, green and rose colored pearls, Swarovski crystals, Czech glass beads and some watch parts. She used sterling silver wire to wrap them to the base. There are two sterling silver chains and one brass chain on each side.

Lapis Necklace:
The centerpiece is a beautiful lapis cabachon. It is mounted in a aged brass finding.

Nancy MacArthur: Featured Shop Interview


Tell us a bit about yourself
My name is Nancy MacArthur and I live in Goodyear, Arizona. This means
I get to see the Goodyear blimp quite often. And yes, it gets very,
very hot.

Apart from designing things, what do you do?
Unfortunately, my full time job is not designing and selling
jewelry. I work for an insurance company by day and make jewelry at
night. I commute one hour each way to work making for short evenings.
There is never enough time to do all I want.

What first made you want to become an artist?
As far back as I can remember, I’ve loved art. Starting in elementary
school I remember drawing pictures. My goal was always to major in
art, but my parents felt this was not “practical” and refused to help
me with college unless I majored in something they liked - a business
degree was good. So, I took the business courses. Since then I’ve been
struggling with the left and right sides of my brain. I have a
“practical job” which pays my bills. About 10 years ago, I went back
to my hometown in MD to visit family. My mother took me to a store she
just loved and I met Sarah, a jewelry designer. It turned out that
Sarah was closing her shop. Buying her inventory of jewelry findings,
mainly brass, was great therapy as I was going through a divorce. I
spent a fortune shipping it all back to Arziona where it stayed in
boxes till last year. I got side tracked by beading and PMC. When
silver prices started going up, PMC got more expensive. One day I
realized I have boxes of brass findings. Eureka!

Please describe your creative process
Creative Process: Going through baggies of brass, watch parts and
beads to see what grabs me. I get easily sidetracked. I go to the
Tucson Gem show every year which can be diasterous. It took me years
to realize that I need to go with a list in hand and a budget in my

Can you offer a tip or two of something you learned in making,
photographing, selling, (etc.) your jewelry that you want to pass on?

When photographing your work, it is extremely important to have
good lighting so your that colors in your pictures are as close to the
original as possible. I invested in photography lighting which has
made a difference. Every time I take a picture I try to learn from it

Technique Skill to share...
When closing jump rings you get a real nice clean
closure when you use two pliers. Hold the jump ring with both pliers,
at the same time rotate the jump ring with both pliers, pushing the
ends together to close the gap, however keep going so the ends just
barely go past each other, then reverse the direction so the ends meet
and close. You should hear a click when you reserve the direction and
they touch. This technique gives you a real tight closing with no gap.

What accomplishments are you most proud of ?
The very first article I submitted for publication in
a beading magazine was accepted. What are those odds.

In ten years I'd like to be...
I would like to be making my living designing, writing
how to articles and selling my designs.


Catnip Studio Intro

Many thanks for my warm welcome from team admin, and a special thanks to Secretjewellz for encouraging me to request membership! I have long been in awe of filigree jewelry - I came across VintageWithLove's Etsy shop, and realized I was already her customer on another site. She is a gracious, helpful seller, and I adore her art. But I digress. I am also a mosaic artist, primarily with vintage broken china, and I admire silver soldered broken china jewelry. I decided to combine my love of brass filigree and broken china to make my own unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry. Now, everything smaller than a teacup gets my can-I-wrap-filigree-around-it evaluation! Photos show my newest creations with pre-WWII painted mother of pearl shell pieces from Siam (now Thailand). The earrings were bracelet beads, and the necklace was a brooch encased in a soft metal filigree frame. The paint and lacquer on these very vintage pieces is usually in varying degrees of shabbiness, so I suspect they have a very limited appeal. But I love them!

I look forward to our future endeavors as a team, and I'm excited about our PINK color challenge! I am convo and e-mail friendly, eager to learn and improve, and totally believe in sharing information. Until next time, Kathy


PINK color challenge

“Pink is the color of happiness”...
With springs colors finally in full bloom we are noticing the beautiful colors of the earth coming to life. Create a fresh piece of jewelry this month using one of our favorite fresh colors ‘pink’. The great thing about this color is that it can be either subtle or bold. It can be very feminine if paired with the right materials or it can accent more natural tones. Please post PINK projects starting Monday May 26, so that we can have a collaborative team post done by Friday May 30.